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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Into the Woods

Last week while checking out the 'New Arrivals' section of Dangerfield I fell in love with their new winter range. Now it's true that with each and every release I fall harder and harder but for this specific range my eyes went straight for an amazing cape, woodland prints and all of the new knitwear.

This is the first of two posts from the current season stock and I wanted to focus on two looks for a specific reason. In this post I'm giving a strong focus to two amazing stand alone items that will keep you warm this winter and looking well, amazing!! With each season I'm also trying to get into the store as much as possible so if you have any fit questions please feel free to ask me to go try anything on!

REVIVAL Long, Long Ago Cape -  was $158.00 now $126.40
Spin Doctor Ebony Dress (2XL) - £42.99

I've been dreaming of wearing capes this winter but due to being a busty curvy girl I'm always worried that they may play havoc with my shape. But when I tired on the Long, long ago cape all my dreams came true. This stunning green plaid number cape is both flattering, super warm and so stylish.


It's an absolute statement piece and makes me feel amazing when layered up and in full winter mode. Now I was wearing a corset on this shoot so my bust was a little bigger than usual but this cape in a size 16 actually buttons up over my chest with ease on non corseted days - Never thought that would be possible!!! This is the largest size however but due to the openness of the item it can accommodate many sizes.

When wearing this I can't help but feel sleek and sophisticated and I love styling this colour and shape as the possibilities are endless. For this shoot I wore my Spin Doctor Ebony Dress , black tights and elbow length faux leather gloves as I wanted to make the cape the shining star in these images. I can't wait to plan even more outfits with this coat as I think disco pants, amazing sheer blouses, knee high boots and more gloves will pair perfectly. I'm wearing the ebony dress in a 2XL and the fit rocks! Great stretch and I love the lace details and that sheer bust line. This style is a cap sleeve and is a really well fitted skater style as it fits firmly around your bust and waist then flares out over your hips. I'd love to see this dress with a longer sleeve for winter!

So if you are a busty 16 and you are worried you'll never find a cape that works fear not as Dangerfield has come to our rescue once again. 


It's becoming quite clear now that I might have an addiction to Dangerfield and Revival branded knitwear. Ever since I wiggled my way into my first one I've been adding to my collection as soon as a new amazing colour or print is released. This season I'm crushing hard on chunky knits and the Favourite Things cardigan is my new love. 

Usually a chunky knit can add too much bulk to your figure but the cut of this cardigan accentuates my hour glass shape and flatters my waist line. The fabric is super thick and warm and the fit is firm yet stretches enough so I don't have to fear any button popping. 

I love the peekaboo collar and bow features plus the long sleeve - I'm usually a fan of 3/4 but I'm needed many more full length styles to keep me warmer this winter. The colour is also new for me as I'm usually all about green or black but I loved this style so much I was willing to try the dark blue and wow did it work out perfectly or what? 

Now I'm wearing this and all knitwear in a size 16 and I find that this is the perfect fit for my shape and this style is available up to an 18, I find the 16's are great for knits and stretchy tops and for more rigid not stretch dresses or shirts and skirts I choose an 18. I think first about fitting my bust and then go from there. 

Thank you to Liz and Julz Photography for braving the cold of the mountains and capturing these shots with me!

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