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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dangerfield for curves!

One of the most iconic Australian brands for alternative fashion - Dangerfield - has expanded two of their in house labels to a size 18 and I'm super excited to be able to bring you all the fit information you could ever need when it comes to their in house ranges styles in size 16 and 18.

I've been shopping at Dangerfield for as long as I can remember and I've always loved the mix of inhouse labels with a variety of styles and looks. Be it the Dangerfield label itself, Revival or Princess Highway each offshoot has its own brilliant style and look from retro to modern - it's all brilliant!

When I post a sneaky preview of myself in this jacket last weekend I remembered that I've not worn a denim jacket for over 20 years and then I wondered to myself exactly why I've been avoiding them? Well it's simple - most denim jackets can be stiff and bulky doing nothing for your figure and really making you look like a square. But the Ebony jacket is stretchy, cropped and so figure flattering. Hence why it's sold out so fast online!! I wear moto jackets day in and day out but it's nice to have a more casual and more summer appropriate jacket in my collection.

I'm wearing this style in a size 16 and the fit is absolutely perfect. Now I don't tend to focus on cropped jackets like this buttoning up as I tend to show off the items worn beneath or layer but if I wanted to button this up fully the 18 would have worked well.

The 16 really hugs my curves which is why I was absolutely smitten with this style as soon as I tried it on. I also adore the dark black wash denim colour as it pairs perfectly with all of my wardrobe.

I paired this amazing jacket with my stripped crops from Vixen by Micheline Pitt and I love the mixture of the bold strip print and dark denim, I instantly feel like a badass! I'm wearing the Bad Girl Crop on a 2XL and I could have sized down as it's roomy at my waist. Pictured are two things I never thought I'd wear again but I'm absolutely loving crops and denim.

For this look I wanted a little more length with my hair and tried to create that barbie high ponytail with an amazing clip in extension from Ponytail Shop!

So reasonably priced, the colour match is perfect for my dark red hair and the length adds just the right amount of hair. This hair piece is so simple to use as well. Just pop your read hair in a tight high pony. Clip the extention in on the top half of your own ponytail then use the velcro to wrap around and secure. Then you can wrap the extra piece of hair attached around the velcro to hide any connections and it looks like your own hair!! I'm going to wear this constantly and maybe even by a back up. This clip in is fake hair so don't try to heat style as it might melt. Luckily the natural wave is perfect and I did not need to do anything more to achieve this style. This colour is also available in a straight pony and that's next on my list.

As you can see from my accessories I've made this jacket a little more 'Me' as I tend to do with all of my outerwear. Complete with Milly Pins, Creep Co and an amazing Evil Dead back patch. I can't help but add my own flare to jackets and for this style I'm focusing on creepy/horror themed items such as Bates Motel and Vincent Price. 

Next week I've set up a shoot with the amazing Brooke Orchard to shoot two dresses and two cardigans in both 16 and 18 so I'll be able to give you guys even more fit information. 

Plus if you have any requests I can easily pop into a store and try any item on for you and give you all of the fit tips, so feel free to ask me via all social media, or shoot over an email to or add a comment below. 

Many thanks to my brilliant husband for snapping these images of me.

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