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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Death Moth

Being an horror fiend, I have always admired the Death Moth from the cover of Silence of the Lambs to the extent of planning a tattoo and photo shoot with the iconic imagery included. So when Sourpuss released their new skater dress and cardigan I instantly needed them both in my life.

If you are in the market for the best fitting long sleeve cardigan look no further than Sourpuss. Over the last 5 years my Sourpuss cardie collection has grown and I can't get enough of their embroidered pieces. Made from a super stretchy and soft cotton these cardigans pair with everything and can be layered over skater dresses or worn on their own tucked into high waisted skirts and pants.

The bold Death Moth patch on each side of this cardigan is stunning. Bright, intricate and perfectly created and the red jewel buttons add an extra pop of colour. I'm wearing an XL and it fits like a dream with enough room to button up over my bustline. As I'm a huge fan of more cropped styles I have started wearing all of my cardigans tied in a small bow right at the small of my waist. This really emphasizes my curves and I love the look.

When I discovered the new print I had to snap up anything that was available in the range so I paired the cardigan with the matching skater dress and I love the result! The print works so well with the black cardigan and even though it's a little lighter in colour it really pairs wonderfully. I'm absolutely smitten with this vibrant print and I really home more and more styles will be released with featuring it.

I'm wearing the skater dress in a size XL and it's a perfect fit. With a mini style length, cap sleeve and fitted skater style at the bust and waist this is the perfect casual everyday dress. While I love this dress I really wish it came with 3/4 sleeves as I would live in it all year round but the cardigan helps with this.

This season I've added another Deadly Deville purse to my collection! I've fallen hard for this style and this is my third as it's just the most perfect hand bag. A perfect size without being too large, jam packed with pockets, zips and all the little features you need. This season the Deadly Deville has been released in a nautical anchor print but instead of navy and white this is a black/white version and it is perfect. As I don't tend to wear navy often I love how the black pairs with everything in my wardrobe and I take this to work daily.
It's safe to say that every version of this purse that is released will be mine. I currently have the houndstooth, black and beige and now this nautical version and they rock! 
Next month I will hopefully get my hands on even more new styles as I'm traveling to the US for a month and I need lots of new casual goodies for my trip. So watch out for another review and lots of photos when I'm abroad.
Many thanks to Michael Alesich for snapping these images for me and I can't wait to create more with you this year.

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