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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Oh My Clara!

Since discovering Freya lingerie three years ago, I've been tracking down every Deco style known to ever exist and trying some non-padded bras from their collection. I've found my ultimate bra brand in Freya and I'm always on the look out for more places to find their amazing ranges.

Recently I discovered Clara Olivia, a UK based lingerie and swimwear online store focusing on brands such as Freya, Fantasie, Fauve, Elomi and Miraclesuit! They stock a variety of swimwear, shapewear and lingerie from my favourite brands. In my opinion, you can never have too many stores supplying you with great priced, perfectly fitting bras, underwear and swimsuits.

When browsing their online store, I found one of my must lusted after Freya bras sets and I instantly made grabby hands at the screen. Although I'm 100% addicted to the Deco shape and support I've been meaning to try other styles in their range and I'm completely smitten with a new less padded wonder in polka dot print.

Patsy Black Brief -  £15.50

While I usually stick with a padded style bra for every day wear there are times when I need a little less cleavage and a slightly smaller bust shape. For higher necklines and fitted cup dresses my Decos tend to show through or give a little too much boob up top. But the Patsy Underwire Plunge offers a more subtle lift and round shape and a more natural fit. A fit that takes a little getting use to as I've been wearing Decos every day for 3 years but I really adore this bra! 

As I'd not tried this specific style yet I opted for a 36G (I'm a 34GG in the Deco) in case the band was a little tighter. The fit is absolutely perfect and I think with the size up in the band and down in the cup this style fits like a glove. As this style is not padded the shape is a little different to what I am use to but it gives a wonderful amount of lift and looks super cute! So for padded Deco styles I'll stick with the smaller size and for bras like the Patsy I'll go with a 36G from now on. It's all about fit and each make and model can fit your chest differently so don't be afraid to test the waters so you can ensure the perfect fit.

As you can see this style is a sheer black fabric featuring cream polka dots, lace edging and 3 adorable bows. After my last lingerie review I'm a little addicted to sheer bras and this is on the top of my sheer love list. Freya know exactly how to fit a large bust and lucky for me they consider smaller back sizes and bigger cup options. 

The Patsy comes with 3 choices of briefs, shorts or a thong and I opted for the ruffled brief option in an XL. I find the fit of Freya bottoms (briefs and shorts as I've not tried the thong yet) to be stretchy, comfortable and always super cute with bow or ruffle features. This colour option is Pier Black but you can also purchase this bra and all matching bottoms in the Ballet Pink, a soft pale pink shade with brown dots and lace. I think that will be next on my lust list as I just adore this style! 

Many thanks to the amazing team at Bobby McGees for letting us sneak in and snap these amazing shots in your perfect location. Also a huge amount of love and thanks to Ryan Gill Photography for working with me on this shoot and hopefully many more in the future! Ryan is an absolute dream to work with and I can't wait to plan our next few sets! 

So be sure to check out Clara Oliva for all of your Freya lingerie needs and even more stunning goodies. I've ordered the Deco Strapless next and I can't wait to test that baby out!! 


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