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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Chef Good

The last 2 weeks have been an absolute joy and it's all thanks to Chef Good. In the past I've tried a whole lot of diets, be it soups, shakes and food delivery services, but none have made me inspired and excited about food until now. I found Chef Good rather randomly via a sponsored post on Facebook and clicked through to see what they were about and what was on offer. After reading one weekly menu I was drooling on my laptop and I had to try these amazing dishes.

Now I'm going to be very honest here and say I've tried programs like Lite'n'Easy and I've lost weight but half of the meals are frozen and I really did not dig the food available. They lacked creativity and at times such programs can be a little old fashioned, much like a TV dinner.

Chef Good are nothing like this!!! Made fresh and locally in Melbourne and delivered straight to your door, all you have to do is select a package that suits your needs, weight loss or simply just your taste and order by Tuesday, then like Christmas an amazing box of food arrives at your door on Sunday! Now admittedly I went into this just wanting to lose a few kilos but I finished with feeling inspired by the meal plan and really being excited once again to eat and cook. After trying so many diets over the years, you can get really grumpy and bored with food but eating their amazing dishes for two weeks really lit a fire inside of me and I've taken to creating some of the dishes myself.

So after looking at both the standard and Vegetarian menus in 1200, 1500 and 1800 calorie I decided to go straight in the middle and choose the medium range calorie plan. I've been on many 1200 calorie diets but I've always felt starving and I loved the description of  "The one in the middle - these 1500 calories will fuel you to take on the world and kick excess kilos in the butt!"

One Sunday morning I awoke to a massive box of meals ranging from breakfasts, lunches, soups, salads and the most amazing dinners. I was so excited I could not wait to start on my first dish first thing in the morning and I honestly kept walking back to the fridge to see what I was lucky enough to eat this week!

I guess you could say on day one the excitement gave me an extra spring in my step and I could not wait to tuck into my first warm breakfast of Cinnamon, Honey, Apple and Chia Porridge. Then for 10 days (weekend breaks) my days were filled with amazing meals, outstanding flavours and the best of ingredients. No package frozen meals what so ever!! Everything arrives fresh and ready to eat and all items last the full week but be sure to eat them in the correct order. Now most items are precooked and only need between 60 seconds and 5 minutes of heating to be ready to eat but a few items can be cooked in the over or on the cook top.

Every meal was modern, creative and packed with flavour and if I was little hungry still I'd add a small side salads to a lunch or an appropriate dinner. Now I could go into specific detail about each and every meal I ate but I think the best way to tell/show you is to simply fill this blog with pictures and some details.

I honestly loved each and every meal but there were some huge stand outs for me :

Breakfast : 

Honestly this is my favourite meal of the day hands down. I just adore eggs and all other breakfast foods so I knew this would be a huge winner for me. With scrambled eggs, zucchini and haloumi fritters, leek and cauliflower frittata and amazing muesli and porridge options I was always impressed and full each morning. Plus I got to try my first banana pancake and it was deeeeeelish!

Lunch : 

From fresh Asian inspired salads to super tasty vegetarian lasagna coming home for lunch was always an absolute pleasure. When Melbourne has a very chilly few days I was greeted with homemade vegetable or super greens soups to warm me up. I also adored the amazing salad options and one pasta that rocked my world - Penne with broccoli and pesto, so simple but so yummy! I loved that one so much I made it for my husband this past week. The joy of each meal at lunch was that I was never hungry! I've also been inspired to make their version of a Ceasar Salad as I loved the yogurt dressing.

Dinner :

My evenings were packed with curries, fish, meatballs, beef and more lasagna but this time half and half style! My stand out favourites had to be beef bourguignon, I'd never tried this dish before but now I adore it. The grilled salmon as I'm such a fan of salmon in general and the fish was absolutely perfect. The curries both chicken and fish were perfectly flavoured and I really enjoyed each and every side that accompanied the dishes.

With all of these amazing meals you don't even feel like you are on a diet and the variety is outstanding. Now price wise I was on the 5 day plan and this is $190 per week and for basically what is 5 days of meals by your own private chef it's absolutely worth it. You can also commit to a full 7  day plan and that will be $266. You can also opt to only purchase lunches and dinners on the 5 or 7 day plan and these will be a little cheaper. But honestly why miss out on the yummiest breakfasts on earth?

After a week of eating Chef Good I honestly forgot I was on a diet but when I weighed myself this week I discovered that I had dropped 3 kilos! You never expect that it will happen when you are enjoying the food that much. My husband also had the pleasure of trying a few meals and if you want to add a few extra dinners to your order for your partner it's super simple. We love cooking together so the Mexican dinner of pork tacos was great for us to cook together. We were given all of the ingredients and after a few minutes in the fry pan dinner was ready!

Chef Good also offer a sensational selection of soups and cold pressed juices. With winter coming up I'm looking lovingly at their soups, wanting 5 a week!

So if you are based in Melbourne and you want an amazing calorie controlled diet to help get a few kilos off without sacrificing taste and goodness this is the plan for you! I'm honestly dying to get back on this diet but due to use needing to save for our US trip we can't let it sneak into the budget. But fingers crossed I can get back onto this when we return as it's absolutely brilliant!


  1. Teer this looks delicious, particularly the breakfast.
    Will you be blogging from the US on your trip?

    1. So much so!! I'm grumpy I'm not eating it this week ;)

      Yes indeedy. I'll be taking my laptop away with me and will be sure to blog my usual posts and some on the road posts hopefully. I'm also shooting with some of my favourite companies while I'm LA so I'm super excited!