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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Manifesta - Only the best!

While it's been very quiet around Curves To Kill over the holidays I just wanted to pop up and tell you about a brand that I'm so in love with these days and have been for a while now.

No matter what size you may be you should never be afraid to slip into some super comfortable exercise and get out there and enjoy life. My husband and I love walking and going on little adventures on the many Victorian walking trails and our 2016 obsession - boxing! In the last few years I've been hunting high and low for gym wear but I've failed with see through fabrics, garments that make you overheat and items that are well plain ugly. But then I discovered Manifesta and I was instantly in love.

Manifesta are a gym wear brand designed for women with curves - yes curves!! So instantly I knew their garments would be perfect for me. With brilliant sustainable fabrics, amazing fit and a variety of different garments, you will find the perfect workout clothing within their online store.

I have 3 stand out favourite pieces and want to share them with you.

Now let's start with the most brilliant workout style hoodie ever invented. The Keep Your Head Up hoodie is light weight, super comfortable and amazingly flattering. One thing I tend to worry about is low cut garments when working out and this hoodies has that covered with a brilliant faux cross over bust. The fabric is strong and supportive while being breathable and a joy to wear when you are walking or running. My all time favourite feature on this hoodie has to be the glove like sleeve. I'm a sucker for this design and have ruined some of my own hoodies by poking holes into the cuff so I was over the moon when I saw this was an inbuilt design feature.

I wear the size Rose in this style which is a Large and it's a tight yet comfortable fit. If you'd like a looser fit I would suggest one size up. How cute are the names instead of numbers or letters in reference to size? We are more than a letter or number and Manifesta realizes that.

I never thought I'd turn to the yoga pants size of fashion but there is something so comfortable and flattering about the Prance pant! While my rule is and will always be leggings are not pants they are perfect to be worn when working out and doing any form of exercise.

There are a few key criteria I need to tick when purchasing work out pants. They need to be :

1. Comfortable and super stretchy so I can run about like crazy

2. Have a high waist so they cover the tummy and don't slip down while bending or using gym equipment

3. Have great colour choices and fabrics. After all I love fashion and this will always be an important fact.

The Just Prance pant ticks all the boxes and are a dream to wear. I would wear these every day if I could. Again I'm wearing a size Rose and they are perfect. The top of the pants sit just over my belly button and they never roll down. 

Finally, a more form fitting at the calf option with the Leave Your Mark Crop capri pant. While the prance pant are a great for all round wear, walking and yoga this style rocks at the gym when you need a closer fit on most machines. The fit is much like the previous pant but with a tapered capri style pant. I can't get enough of both of these styles and they match perfectly with the hoodie. All items come in a variety of colours so if black, blue and purple are not your cup of tea there are more options.

I wish I had a plethora of photos to attach of myself in this brilliant line of gym wear but I've been so busy with studio, fashion shoots and life I've not had a chance to snap these yet. But when I do I'll be sharing them like crazy. So for now you can get a shot of my toosh in the Prance Pant!  They really make your rear look brilliant!

In 2016 I'm going to work harder on my own health and get my body stronger than it's ever been. Manifesta will help me look and feel amazing while I achieve this goal!

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  1. The shops where I live have only sport clothes up to L or XL (a tight XL). Like people with curves wouldn't like to wear high quality training clothes... That leaves one to shop online.