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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Unique Vintage - Printed Pretty

I have a confession to make. I'm one of these online shoppers who checks out my favourite brands constantly and I always have an eye on new releases or coming soon sections. I can excuse this obsessive need to get my hands on all the new pretty things by stating that I need to be aware of all the new pinup fashions, but in the end I just need everything asap!

The great thing about Unique Vintage is that they list their pre-order garments online so we can see what's in store for us over the next few weeks! The moment I found some of my favourite styles in new prints, I instantly added them to my lust list, and last week we shot these amazing garments! In this post, I have a few tried and tested styles that are close to my heart and a new super cute casual number.

You may remember my first review of the Formosa dress in a pale floral print from my blossom shoot not too long ago. From that day I was instantly in love with the 40's style and the flowing sleeves. So the moment a black polka dot print version popped up, straight into the cart it went.

While I loved the pale floral print, I'm a sucker for a black and white polka dot and I'm so very in love with this dress! The soft flowing fabric, the cover up sleeve and peekaboo neckline just work wonderfully with my figure. 

I'm wearing this in size 2x and I originally sized down but the XL was a little too tight. So I'll need to get this style taken in for the perfect fit and wait a little while until I've lost a little around my bust to be able to fit into the XL more comfortably. The waist on the XL was wonderful but the bust flattened a little. I think I'm at that annoying in-between size stage at UV.

Next on my list will be the red and white version of this style and, let's be honest, any other print they release forever. 

The quintessential 50's prom dress seems to be such a huge hit with you guys, so I've got two more fabrics to show you! Firstly the print I adore, and the second style I've found at Unique Vintage sporting this - black dot on black! This strapless tulle frock is a show stopper.

I love the almost blue sheen the fabric has and the pinup gothic polka dot print on the netting. I love these strapless dresses and I secretly hope that a skirt version of these will come out one season. While I love the dresses, my bust is rather giant and I do have to pull a strapless dress up every now and then. If these came as skirts, I could style them like crazy.

I have the 2xl on here and the bust is perfect with a roomy waist (seems to be how it always works for me) and it sits a little lower than I'm used to with this style, but with a thick belt you'll never notice.

The black fabric pairs with so many accessories and cardigans, and this time I wanted a bright pop of colour so I opted for my new bright blue sweet sweater from Heart of Haute. I'll be reviewing this in detail in my next HOH post!

This is the perfect style for any formal event or evening out and the stunning bold fabric will be great in the upcoming holiday/party season. I'd love to see a red on red version of this, as that colour has not popped up yet it seems.

As a skater dress addict I was super excited when this dress was released. While I love all of the styles available on UV, I also love a good casual style and the Anchor Good Ship dress is amazing for everyday wear. The knit fabric is strong and thick but stretches well and hugs your curves. 

The flared skirt is the perfect length and the high neckline works well with my chest. I'm wearing this style in a size XL and the fit is spot on. With stretch fabrics I tend to go between a L and XL and the tight knit of this skater means the fit on an XL is great.

The anchor print on this dress is PERFECTION and when you look a little closer you'll notice a little red accent on each anchor. I've paired this with my red Heart of Haute Monte Carlo dress belt and my beloved bright red Mary Jane's from Shoe Me Gorgeous. I love the bright pop of colour mixed with the navy.

Perfect for work or play, you can dress this style up or down with a few simple and bright accessories - heels for a night out, like I've shown here, or with red flats and a cute brooch for more casual outings or work. I really hope this style is released in more fabric choices and prints, as I'd wear this to work each and every day.

Two Dandridge dresses in one post - oh my - from one end of the colour spectrum to the other and a colour mix I'm really not used to. I'm playing with pale shades these days, previously fearful of colours, and I am loving the results.

Pink and pale were never in my comfort zone, but after wearing this outfit I think I'm sold! I even added a little mint in there and created a full pastel look. The floral print on this style is divine as are all of the prints available at UV. I love the mixture of dusty pink, green and yellow and how it pairs with the mint.

My bolero in the same dusty pink is from Inspired Insanity and you will be seeing a lot of both the full sleeve and 3/4 version of these boleros in upcoming shoots. They have such an amazing and extensive range of cardigans and boleros and once you buy one you'll want to collect them all. I have blue, mint, black, red and pink and I'll be adding every colour option possible in the future. They sit so beautifully and the fabric is super stretchy. I'm wearing this style in a 16 but I could easily fit into a 14. The long sleeve styles are a little thicker than the 3/4 and seem to suit cooler weather but both are rocking my world this spring!

Oddly enough I don't have any pastel belts, so I paired this with the same belt as their darker dresses. I adore the result as I love the more hard faux or real leather fabric mixed with a super feminine print like this. My aim for summer is to pair stunning florals with black leather harnesses and belts. 

Many thanks to Katherine Davis for working with me on this shoot! I absolutely adore working with her in our stunning hidden locations. This shoot was super hot, we met some interesting characters and got scared by a very loud bird, but the results are magic. Can't wait to plan more with you, Katherine!



  1. Oh my how gorgeous these dresses are! You look stunning as usual!


  2. WOW! You look amazing in every single one! Great buys!!