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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I do heaps of 'review shoots' but I feel like I've been lacking on the more creative style sets and last week I finally got a chance to style my own darker photo set with the amazing Katherine Davis. If you are a fan of the TV series Hannibal you'll know exactly what I mean when I say Wendigo. Originally I was going for a more woodland nymph style but in the end it came out as almost a cross over between the two and I love it. 

Restyle Deer Antlers and  Orchids Headband - $29.00 (sold out)

For years I've been lusting after deer antlers in both the real and fake form. When Restyle released their own range of wearable antlers and horns I was instantly in love and headed to the best Australian online shop for all things dark and alternative Tragic Beautiful. I would have killed to be able to find a shop like this when I was a younger goth! 

To achieve my deer/wendigo dreams I picked up this stunning headband full of black orchids and adorable little black antlers. They are lightweight yet solid and attached to a thick and comfortable headband. I've not worn a headband like this for years in fear of that pain they can cause after a few hours but this style is a dream to wear.

These antlers flew out the door like hotcakes but you can find the Diabolical Roses headband for a more devilish look or the Black Orchards style still in store now for the same price. I think I'll pick up one of each as they work wonderfully for both every day wear and costuming. 

I wanted to wear something flowing and sheer and when looking online I found the Calypso Chiffon Over Dress from Widow. I've only just found this brilliant brand and I love their stunning lace styles, full length Gothic gowns and bodysuits. 

The Calypso Dress is multi functional and absolutely stunning! It can be worn over your favourite lingerie set or as an extra layer over a little black dress or skirt. I'm wearing this style in an XL and the fit is absolutely perfect. The is very open and has a little stretch so it's super comfortable. My stand out favourite feature has to be the delicate lace around the underbust, neckline and sleeve. 

I had to wear a stunning bra that not only complemented the other items but also stands out in all the right ways. The Deco Darling was the perfect match and I'm very addicted to this style. I have 
8 Freya Deco bras and I will keep adding more for years to come as I wear them each and every day.

It was such a pleasure to dress up at the end of a full fashion shoot and get a little more creative and much more 'Me' for set of images. I'm a gothic/punk/rock chick at heart and I need to embrace this more often and shoot more creative images on a regular basis. I have my sights set on some creepy Halloween styles soon so I'm already pre-planning my next creative endeavour. 

Many thanks to Katherine Davis for her stunning work behind the lenses! We are already planning out next shoot and I can't wait to see what we create with our stunning spring backdrops.


  1. I have that same bra, but I have never been able to pull it off the way you do. Looking amazing! xx