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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

More Voodoo

Voodoo Vixen are a UK based pinup/retro inspired clothing company that you may have noticed pop up quite often in my blog over the last year. I've been admiring their stunning pieces for years but until December last year, I was not 100% sure on fit and sizing. Fast forward to this year and I'm completely confident with all of their range and rather in love with everything they create.

Betty Boo -  £49.95

Now as a redhead, I adore the use of emerald green that Voodoo Vixen use throughout their range. From skirts to cardigans and stunning dresses, I have endless options to pair with my complexion and hair colour. When I saw Betty Boo, I instantly fell in love with the deep green colour and flocked black velvet peacock print.

Made from a slightly stretchy yet firm taffeta this dress fits like a glove and holds you in securely. I'm wearing Betty in a size XL and I really love the firmness of the fit in the bust and waist. While I'd usually wear a petticoat under a full skirt like this I did not need one due to the structure of the taffeta. 

I can't wait to pair this with stunning boleros and cardigans as it's such a year round piece. The sleeveless style makes it perfect to wear all summer long but the richness of the fabric gives you many styling options for winter and spring. As it's still super chilly here in Melbourne I'm currently loving to wear this paired with black stockings, boots and my favourite faux fur coat. The fabric though slightly stretchy does have limited give so be sure to check with the size chart to ensure the perfect fit.

Milla -  £43.99
My first of many (hopefully) Voodoo Vixen cardigans, Milla is a slight weight super stretchy and adorable cardigan with that little something extra. Featuring a peter pan style collar, bow tie option and bird design embroidered at the front. The fabric of this cardigan is amazingly soft and fits perfectly to your curves. 

 If you click on the link you will see the intended style of the bow tie front but I could not get it to work with my rather large bust so I've opted for a more relaxed opted collar look. This style is great for both large and small busts as you can wear it either way.

Jemima - £62.99

The Jemima dress is a new style for me as it's a high neck and a crop sleeve - two things I usually shy away from. It's that fear of having a smooshed chest that usually scares me but with this style this was not the case. However it's a super tight fit and with my large chest I think it's not the best style for me and you never know if a dress will work until you try it.

The thing I adore about this style has to be the mixed print in the fabric! I love the mixure of the bright flowers resting on a strong black and white polka dot print. This is becoming a fabric/print that I'm loving a lot more these days when done right.

Maria Dress - Price TBA

Then finally the Maria Dress. Now I can't seem to find this via the online store or google but I think that might be because it's an older stock item and was obviously popular due to the brilliant fit! A faux wrap floral number with that brilliant combination of flowers and pots only this time it's on a navy blue background. Complete with a collar and ruffled sleeves this style is super comfortable and a joy to wear. The colour palette also gives you endless choices when accessorizing. As you can see I paired this dress with both yellow and red and it looks amazing.

This style like the last is a little shorter length wise so it does not work with any of my petticoats but that's not really an issue as it looks great without.  In an XL this is very roomy and in a few short months I think I'd need a large for a more firm fit. I really hope this style comes back and I'd love to see it as more of a shirt dress with a 3/4 length sleeve.

Each item shown in this review is in a size XL and I'm really impressed by both the fit of their XL garments and the attention to detail. I can't wait to see when next season brings!!
Thank you to the amazing Katherine Davis for this stunning shots! I can't wait to head back to Bendigo in the next few weeks to shoot more with you!

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