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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Forever sunglasses crazy!

So it's clear to all my readers and to anyone who has seen my already huge collection that I'm sunglasses crazy! It's an addiction I'm not afraid to admit I have and just his week I've found yet another brilliant online store full of great brands, a safe shopping environment and good prices. I stumbled across sunglasses online store GranOptic and I'm absolutely smitten with their selection.

This shop is full of big brand names like Mui Mui, Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, Prada and even Oakley Sunglasses! I've had my eye on a few designer styles recently and lucky for me all are here at GranOptic. My personal choice in sunglass styles might be varied when it comes to colours, patterns and prints but there are two very clear shapes that I'm drawn to and here are my stand out favourites!

 Miu Miu MU 02QS - $306.27

Miu Miu stole my heart long ago but now that the open bottom cats eye bejeweled sunglasses have been released the love affair has started again. With a modern twist on what can only be described as a Vampira-esque shape these specs are bold and draw a whole lot of attention for all of the right reasons. In black with a hint of sparkle from a selection of black jewels.

Solid silver, striking shape and a retro-futurism feel these Top Fords will make any pinup outfit elevated to the next level. There is always something so striking and fresh about polished silver and the makeup pairing with these frames will be super fun.

Art Deco inspired design on a bold over sized frame? TAKE MY MONEY NOW!!! I'll never be able to walk past anything Alexander McQueen and not fall in love with it. A completely unique design in silver once again but with an amazingly intricate pattern. I need these as soon as humanly possible and I'm fairly sure that my life won't be complete until they are part of my collection. 

Prada PR 31QS - $370.75

Then finally a little punk rock from Prada! This is basically my dream leather jacket in sunglasses form and it's HOT! Bold silver spikes cover this pair of cats eye glasses and create the perfect accessory for any pinup that's a little punk rock.

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