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Thursday, March 26, 2015

New from Rimmel

Some new goodies have hit the makeup market from Rimmel London and I wanted to share my top 3 favourite new products! With a strong focus on Matte finishes in both lips and nails and a bold black lash these new products have my makeup bag written all over them.

Since I have little to no interest in wearing or using Lime Crime these days, so I've been testing many new matte styles to see what's hit the market and how they stack up. I've been aware of the Apocalips Lipsticks but I've never had the chance to try them. So when the Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet's were released I jumped at the chance to try a pale pink nude and red hot shade.

I chose the colours I wear the most so I went for 206 Atomic Rose and 505 Burning Lava. These colours are perfect for my skin tone and I love the soft feel and texture of the lipstick. These are described as matte but they are not a matte lip like a Velvetine. They are a matte version of the Apocalips style but will not dry your lips out or bleed into any cracks or crevices.

They did stump me a little at first but after a second try and after looking at a few tutorials I discovered that the key for this product is to let it dry and set which takes a lot longer that I would have expected. Once it is dry you will not longer notice the lipstick is on your lips as it feels so soft and barely there. It dries soft but is half way between a matte lipstick and a dewy style gloss like the original lipstick.

After eating a full meal and a few kisses it still remains but touch ups are needed. I like this style best for wearing to work as it lasts all day and the colours are perfect for my natural daily makeup look. I also took advantage of the latest Priceline sale and picked up Meteoric Matte for my collection. I'll be testing it out tomorrow.

Because I'm still in love with my Scandleyes Rocking Curves Mascara I was keen to try the Idol Eye's version as it has the same broken heart shape brush and blackest black colouring. It's now my go to mascara and has taken place over my previous love. It's goes on thick without clumping, makes my lashes long and dark and I just adore the wired brush and curved shape. I won't bore you with images of my lashes as I have in the past but I swear this is the BEST mascara they have created so far. I've tried so many over the years but I always go back to Rimmel. 

Finally an affordable matte nail polish that really works! I've loved the look of this style polish for a while now but I've never been sure if it really works. It certainly does and it's brilliant. It dries completely matte and looks delisous in Velvet Touch (grey) and Matte-Itude (black) it's a really unique and bold choice for nails and looks great on both your feet and hands. 

Now I've got tiny little nails (stress biter) but when I get married next month I'm going to wear Matte-Itude on the day with my new claws! For swatches please view Emily Denise Photography's blog review about these styles and see just how lovely they are up close on perfect nails. 

I'm so excited to have these new styles in my collection and every time there is a brilliant new Rimmel product I will be reviewing and posting about it. 

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