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Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Inbetween Ring!

Back in January 2014, my love popped the question with a stunning vintage ring and I've been mesmerized by it ever since.

This ring is me to a T but getting a wedding ring to pair with it was not something we even thought about in the beginning. To made my engagement ring work with a wedding ring we are getting two bands attached to the this existing ring and creating an even more stunning, thicker design! 

But the thought of not wearing this till April is really getting to me and I've come up with a solution - The Inbetweenie ring! I'm looking for a ring to wear prior to the wedding while my ring is being created and then I can add this to the many I wear weekly after the wedding. On my search for such a ring I stumbled across Emma and Roe the sister brand to Michael Hill and I've already fallen in love with their stack rings. I love the height of my original ring and would love to go the stacking option to make a larger ring. 

My eye was instantly drawn to the stack rings and of course the stirling silver styles. I've never been a fan of gold and the silver cubic zirconia, diamond or cats eye mix is my go to combo. I love the bold black shape on the silver band and would love one bigger stacker ring for the middle of the style I'm creating. 

Then a little bit of faux bling for the mix! Because this is an inbetweenie style I'm not going to spend way too much on real diamonds and more over the tops styles. I love the simple shapes created in this ring and it would work alone or with others. 

Then another all silver band for the bottom or top of the stack. Similar to the style shown above but this time the design is created with the silver itself and not with stones. I think all 3 will work wonderfully my left hand and be a great filler until my wedding day. 

But then again there is one more option if I can find more funds in my wedding budget : 

On the more pricier side of the stacker rings is this stunning style. Packed with 1/2 a carat of Diamonds in 10c white gold. I'd love to add this to my collection but for now I think I can only dream of this style while we save and pay for our wedding! 

Emma and Roe have a 'How to Stack' guide on their website so you can gather ideas or inspiration and go wild with patterns. 

I'm really loving the 4 or 5 stacked high styles and the mixture of different colours. The possibilities are endless and and I can't wait to create my own mixture. Have any of you, my lovely readers, tried this trend yet? I'm really interested to know how other people work the layered/stacked look. 

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  1. Mesmerising doesn't cover the beauty of that ring ... wow!

    C xx