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Monday, February 2, 2015

Deco Darling

Corsets and stockings and bras, oh my! 

Over the weekend, with Robin Elk Photography by my side I booked into the amazing Maison Burlesque for a traditional pinup shoot! Inspired by their flamingo room I sourced some amazing new stock from my favourite lingerie designers, got dolled up and immersed myself in this stunning location. Now this post is fully of links, details and as much fit information as I can think of but if you have any extra questions please comment below. 

With this shoot I wanted to feature my stand out favourites in new season lingerie and give you my readers as much help fit wise as I possibly can! If you are new to my blog you might not be aware of my love affair with the Freya Deco Bra. From the moment I slipped into this style I knew I'd never wear another bra again and since October 2014 I've worn nothing but. I wear the Deco in a size 34GG which works out to be an Australian 12GG. The fit with this style is amazing and I've never felt so supported and comfortable while still being curvy and showing heaps of cleavage. 

Paired with the short style bottoms in a size 16 this set is so comfortable to wear and the super soft and stretchy fabric feel like a second skin. Then my absolutely favourite style stockings from Kix'ies the 1940's inspired polka dot thigh highs. I've blogged about these  a few times in the past and my love for these gravity defying stockings has not diminished. Both styles featured in this post are a size D but as of recently I have discovered that depending on the style and stretch I can wear a size C. I'll get into this with a little more detail below. 

I paired this stunning set with my new favourite under-bust from Orchard Corset. The CS-426 is my go to corset and I'm growing quite the collection with a few different fabrics and colours in this style (I have the grey version but I'm yet to shoot it!) I adore this style due to the longer length, hip hugging shape and how much it exaggerates my natural hour glass shape.  The cotton hip ties version of the 426 is even more brilliant than the standard version due to the extra element of design. The side ties are both visually pleasing and functional. You can tighten these panels fully and have sexy, vampish style corset or loosen for a more hippy shape or to show a contrasting skirt or dress. Red would pair wonderfully with this style and show off the lacing details. 

Now I wear this corset in a size 26 and I can get it very tightly tied but not fully closed. In a month or so I'll have this molded more to my shape and will be able to get close to fully closed after breaking it in and wearing it for more shoots. Each corset I wear at the moment is the same size and I've found that with my hip to waist ratio that the 426 is the perfect fit. 

The print on the Freya Deco Darling is absolutely stunning with a vintage rose lace overlay on a pale pink cup. Every inch of this bra is sophisticated, sexy and will make you feel divine. Now this style fits my bust perfectly but due to the corset I seem to be filling the cups a little more than usual. When natural the middle lays flat between each breast and I have complete coverage while still feeling super sexy. 

The amazing flamingo wallpaper at Maison Burlesque was the perfect backdrop for these outfits and the room itself was a pinup model's dream! Next time I will shoot some amazing evening gowns in their peacock room. 

The Deco Spotlight was my first ever bra in this style and the whole reason for my current addiction - Thank you to my lovely fella for walking the streets of London trying to get me the right bra! I have the original berry colour and now that I own the indigo my life is complete. The same fit as above but with a more subtle print and a stunning deep shade of indigo. 

This polka dot set is a must for any pinup's wardrobe. Paired with the Spotlight brief and my well loved Brocade 426. As you can see after I've broken in a corset I can get a much more pronounced shape and if I can get this style close to closed when needed, this is a few inches off closed but I did not want to get too crazy for this shoot.  I love how the floral design pairs perfectly with the indigo bra and brief set, almost like they were made for each other. 

Other than the main polka dot print my favourite feature of the Spotlight Deco has to be the contrasting polka dot on the straps, edges and the bow. It's such a subtle but adorable feature. 

As mentioned above I've paired both looks with the best stockings on the planet - Kix'ies! These stockings will never let you down as they never roll down! When I first reviewed these thigh highs I wore the size D and I found that I could pull these up really high, sometimes as high as my toosh! 
So I've worn them high since purchasing my first pair but I've been wondering if I've been doing it right. So I've now had a chance to try a C and a B in a few styles and I can say that I can wear both the C and D but the C is a great mid thigh height. Great if I want to show a little bit of the stunning top under a short skirt or dress. I'm also 5'7 if you need a reference for how long these might be or how much stretch they have. I'm wearing this mid thigh for the shoot but they go much higher.

The D I love wearing really high under high waisted shorts and the stretchy fabric means you can't tell I'm even wearing thigh highs. But for the fishnet style I can advise you to size down. I fit into both the C and B but I think for comfort I'd much prefer the C for this specific style. I find that most fishnets if done right can be super stretchy and these are perfect. If you are in need of any stockings be it print, plain, for pinup or for work you should ditch those full styles and fill your drawers with Kix'ies. You'll never return to the world of boring stockings I promise you. 

Now that is a whole lot of information to absorb! I hope I've helped you with any of your fit issues and I hope you get the chance to try any of these amazing styles. Many thanks to Mr Amazing himself Robin Elk for creating such magic with me! To Brava Australia's leading experts in lingerie for a D cup and up. Orchard Corset for making me curvier and the amazing Maison Burlesque and their stunning venue. 


  1. I love the Freya Deco ... it's my go to bra for every day wear but I'd never thought about it being a sexy bra until seen on you here! Great piece ... now off I head to Orchard to get myself a corset!

    C xx