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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lust list

The festive season is fast approaching and it's time once again for gift giving and receiving! So I've compiled the first of many of my Lust Lists for the Christmas season.

For this Lust List I'm focusing on the beautiful little thing that makes every woman's outfit complete - Jewelry! Whether you give it or receive it the gift of jewels is always a winner. Below are a few of the items I found on Michael Hill Jewellers that I need asap!

The one key necklace every pinup/vintage lover should have in their collection - A pearl necklace. These cultured fresh water pearls are sophisticated and add an extra touch of elegance and class to whatever outfit you pair them with. From little black dresses to pale floral frocks, tee shirts to angora sweaters - The styling options are endless. 

For years I've been collecting Heart Lock pendants both in my jewelry box and on my skin (I have one tattooed on my right arm). It started long ago with a Tiffany pendant in silver and now I have everything for Rockware to Retrolite. But sadly my Tiffany pendant has gone and needs to be replaced. This Heart Lock necklace will replace the one that started this obession perfectly and add a little more sparkle with the addition of diamonds.

You can't go past a bold, sparkly and stunning pair of Diamond Stud earrings. Simple and elegant, you don't even need to pair these with anything other than a simple evening gown. I love the size of these studs and I'm always on the look out for the perfect pair, these may just fit the bill. 

Now you can't have the necklace without the matching bracelet yes? I'm loving the belcher padlock bracelet in stunning silver. As you may have noticed I'm not a fan of gold in any way so my eye instantly goes to silver jewelry. I'd love to have both of the padlock hearts featured in this lust list for every day wear. 

Then finally the more pricey of all the items in my list but not by much. I'm all about statement rings and if you have seen my engagement ring you will know that I adore vintage pieces and old time diamond designs.  This vintage inspired ring made me make grabby hands at the screen and has to be mine. The delicate design and bold size and shape make me swoon! 

What will you be asking for this Christmas? What's on your accessory Lust List? Be sure to look out for a new lust list every few weeks leading up to Xmas as I'm in a gift picking craze!

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