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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Everyone loves a little discount

So am I the only one that hunts around the web every time I do an online shop? I sit here for a good 30 minutes searching high and low for a discount code to get me a little extra off my current shopping basket contents.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not frugal but I love the feeling of saving a few dollars or a whole heap of cash when I make an order online. Be it a massive discount or one that makes my shipping disappear I really love getting that little bit extra. I do this across the board as well! From ASOS to The Iconic I have found some great fashion coupons and deals.

Through my searching I've found so many websites that have dead links, unhelpful codes and stuff that just does not work for me here in Australia. .So instead of hunting all over Google for a coupon code website that only offers UK, US or free shipping to everywhere but Australia codes I've signed up to a new website where I can get all of my favourites all in one place.

I purchase at least once a month from ASOS so now I can check out and see just what is on offer every month. Knowing that there is a one stop coupon shop available now is really awesome and helps with my ASOS addiction.

Now please excuse me while I sneak off to buy these babies:


ASOS Dress With Lace Collar Detail in Knit - $50.98
ASOS Skater Dress With Wrap Front In Pretty Bird Print - $74.51

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