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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Summer Lust List

Now that the Melbourne summer is in full swing, I'm stocking up on my must-have items and looking for some key new pieces for my beach bag.

After the heatwave of evilness last week, I've been searching high and low for accessories to rock over the next month or two. I will admit I've been hiding from the sun as much a possible but now it's time to get sorted and out there!

So here is my Summer Lust List :

One of the funkiest beach towels I've ever laid eyes on. You can find this rocking towel and many others included tiki girls, bats and more at Sourpuss Clothing. I'm a sucker for nautical and octopus designs. 

The one item everyone needs this summer! I'm as white as a ghost and never tan so 50+ is perfect for me. I've tried many but I love how smooth, non visible and pleasant smelling this style is. 

Sunglasses! The bigger the better is my motto when it comes to protecting your peepers from the sun. I'm swooning over this striped, polka dot over-sized designer sunglasses from Vision Direct. They carry every designer brand you can think of in all colours, shapes and sizes. 

I adore this retro almost Jackie O style frame and the mixture of polka dots and stripes makes me swoon. I also noticed that you can buy designer eyeglasses on their website as well which is brilliant! 

I'm living in headscarves this summer. They can be worn in multiple ways, hide away a messy beach do when you are on your way home and when not at the beach can be worn in lots of pinup styles to add a little more funk to a cute top, tank or shirt. Sourpuss has so many different styles and colours these are just my stand-out favourites. 

Some super cute and versatile thongs that you will live in all season. I have always had the standard thong (flip flop to my UK and US readers) but I recently purchased this pair from Cotton On and I love them! They are comfy, match all outfits and never seem to tarnish. 

Then finally you'll need a carryall to fit all your summer goodies in. While purchasing the bow thongs I stumbled across this nautical themed beach bag and fell in love. The simple strip fabric and knot/rope design pairs with all my lust list choices and looks fantastic. With a price tag just under $10 how can you go wrong? 

What's on your summer lust list? 

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