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Sunday, June 30, 2013

These boots are made for walking

Ever since doing a number on my knee at the start of the year I've been seeking out alternatives to my usual 6 inch heel footwear. I still adore and wear my super high heels but on a daily basis I now find myself living in cowboy boots. They are starting to over take my wardrobe so you my lovely readers will begin to see them lots more boot posts over the next few months.

Now why do I love and live in cowboy boots? They are comfortable, hard wearing and to be honest I just love the shape and fit of the style. My trusted Wheels and Dollbaby Spider Boots got me around the US earlier this year and I find the fit of a cowboy boot is perfect for every day wear.

So when I saw that my beloved Luichiny has released cowboy boots I needed to do a shoot and post asap!

Now I usually gravitate towards black or very dark cowboy boots but these babies just called to me. Any shade of green or turquoise is perfect for my colouring so I knew these would work well. Made from soft and silky leather these boots are so comfortable and easy to wear. The colour accents and embroidering pop beautifully against the brown leather upper. 

Now I'm wearing this style in a females size 10US and they are a medium width but a little roomy but this is easily fixed with some thicker socks. I think I could have gone for the 9.5! I'll be wearing these both in winter with skinny jeans and adorable little floral dresses and shorts in the warmer months.

After a brief look at the Luichiny webstore I also found a whole heap of other styles that you can pick up if this colour is not your style.

The Camel Suede Pre Tender Boot - $125.00

A very cute summer friendly style cowboy boot in soft suede. This style with any floral would be absolute perfection. 

Not game enough to try the full cowboy shape yet? How about these Don't Wear Me Out boot? It's a combo of the cowboy boot shape at the top with a military style on the base.

I love my bright new boots and can't wait to see what Luichiny has in store for next season!


  1. I have 2 pairs of Tony Mora cowboy boots. LOVE THEM! super expensive though. 800 dollars each on special! But well worth the money!

    1. Oooooh such a brilliant brand!

      You should see my current lust list! I need a few 1000 to cover it ;)

      They are the best style of shoe!!

  2. Your header is very pretty and the boots are awesome! :)