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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sleek and Clean Accessories

I'm currently looking at my collection of jewellery (there is a massive amount of accessories and jewels I kid you not) figuring out what I should be taking on my US trip.

I have a huge variety of items that will be packed for sure but I'm also on the look out currently for some less niche pieces and some more classic items as my collection is very rockabilly.

Looking over at Pepper Pink I've found a few classic items that might will pair with a few of my dresses I will be giving you a sneak peak of just before I head off.

From necklaces to bracelets, gold to silver and a variety of rings for all occasions including eternity rings Pepper Pink has it all.

Simple studs to pair with every outfit. White gold pairs with everything perfectly and never classes so these are a go to items for me. 


 So elegant, so stunning!! I adore pearls and I'm always on the look out for different style settings and creations. I love the drop effect of these earrings.

Pair this with the drop earrings and you are perfectly accessorized!  I have an amazing black 1940's wiggle dress that these two items would look perfect with. 


This is on my 'Wish to be RICH' list!  Love the bold square shape, diamonds and of course the white gold.

How I wish this ring came in white gold! I'm really not a fan of gold but I adore the big bunch of pearls on this ring.

What accessories will you be wearing to Viva? Will you be going classic, modern, pinup or something else?

p.s I spent yesterday shooting some amazing outfits at LuWOW so be sure to follow my instagram to see some behind the scenes peaks of what we got up to @teerwayde

The full post will be up asap!

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