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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Biker Chic

Although it's currently summer in my neck of the woods I'm already planning my winter styling as I love dressing up in layers when the colder months arrive.

My biggest item needed - The perfect leather jacket! There is nothing more versatile  more needed come winter more loved than the classic leather jacket.

So I've recently been drooling over the womens leather jackets section of Caine Fashion and I've found some amazing styles that are right up on the top of my lust list.

Zips, so man zips!! I'm a huge fan of metal/silver details and the zip features on this jacket really do it for me. The shape is a brilliant moto and I'm also loving the lack of collar. 

The classic trench coat shape in leather - how stunning! I find the 3/4 trench is very flattering to curvy figures as it nips in at the waist and makes all women look divine! 

Why stick to basic black when you can have red leather? Loving the deep red colour and the 70's feel to this style jacket. 

My stand out favorite on this website. The most appealing look to me when it comes to a moto jacket. Love the bit collar, studs, buckles and more. Very Ramones and very much what I look for in a jacket. 

Any of these styles would last me a decade or more so don't look at the price of a jacket but look at how often you will wear it and how long real leather will last you. It's worth it in the end and most styles never date! 

I will be upload some awesome leather jacket images in the next week so come back to see what style I suit most! 

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