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Monday, December 3, 2012

Oh Vivienne...

While looking through the Designer Shoes on I discovered my one weakness when it comes to shoes - Vivienne Westwood.

I've never owned a pair of Vivienne Westwood shoes but I constantly drool over the designs, the establishments and the adorable styles.

Vivienne's collaboration with Melissa shoes is one of my favorite selection of shoes in the last ten years and one day I hope I can actually pick up a pair or two.

But for now I will add these stunning shoes to my lust list and keep on staving for my trip abroad. These styles are currently on sale so if you can, pick up a bargain if you get in quick!

The perfect pair of classic red pumps. A simple shape, sunning colour and the the essential Westwood logo featured on the outer side of the pump. These would be my go to heel and would be worn to death. 

A classic black jelly flats with the bigger logo/symbol on the toe. These are great for everyday wear and are perfect for work. The simple black makes these easily paired with casual outfits as well as business attire. 

Why not in red as well? I think these would look brilliant with black skinny jeans and adorable pinup summer frocks! Each of the Vivienne Westwood styles in red have the most brilliant and sticking colours. I love how the gold and the blue on the emblem compliments this shade of red.  

The Lady Dragon was the first style I ever saw in this collection and till this day is the one I adore them most.  It's such a striking and brilliant design. The sling back and peep toe make this a perfect summer heel. 

Party shoes for the party season. I would love these for NYE, bring in 2013 with an amazing silver sparkling pair of pumps. 

Do you own any Vivienne Westwood shoes? Tell me about them so I can live through you! I've only ever worn these on photo shoots and I can honestly say they are amazingly comfortable and smell super sweet. 

So I will keep on drooling over these amazing shoes and hope that Santa reads my blog and puts a pair in my stocking this Christmas. 

P.S look out for my next post coming soon! A huge review chock full of photos will go live in the next few days.


  1. Tee hee hee, another one bites the dust - I have had a looong (and expensive) love affair with Melissa.x.VW. I was actually fortunate enough to buy from the original collection on my gap year in the uk - Peach dragon lady peeps with a black heart...aaand the same in dove grey and red.
    So much love! I'm currently contemplating buying my 5th (eeep) pair of heels from the collaboration range...

    Just for the record - their flats are amazing too. I have a black mary jane style pair that I live in...oh and if you polish them up on a regular basis the smell sticks!

  2. Love them all. Totally obsessed with Vivienne. <3


  3. amazing arent they! Im a melissa shoe addict...not going to lie! I have a fair few pairs of there collabs. They are all so comfortable and you will wear them fors yrs! I seriously recommend them! Unfortunately my feet are to thin for the sky scrapers...i borrowed my friends pair, and while they were very comfortable because my feet are so thin i have to clentch with my toes to hold my feet in a bit. made for sore feet/legs the next day!!