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Monday, August 20, 2012

Bodywrap Shapewear

I've been on a mission lately to test shapewear from around the globe and give you the low down on fit, shaping abilities and more.

It's a private test drive that I do for a full week to give you girls my honest opinion and personal experiences and this week I'm excited to talk about Body Wrap Shapewear.

Body Wrap are a Canadian based shapewear company that offer a great variety of standard and plus size styles. Here is a little snip-it from their website : 

'Body Wrap shapewear are seamless undergarments that are designed to slim, tone and enhance any woman's figure. Through innovative design and seamless construction, Body Wrap shapewear is soft, comfortable and breathable enough to be part of a woman’s everyday wardrobe.  Unlike other shapewear, Body Wrap is both complimentary to a woman’s figure yet has the design appeal that allows each woman to not only look her best, but feel her best. 

There are 4 different types of Body Wrap shapewear to suit every size and style, including Regular Body Wrap, Body Wrap Full Figure, Body Wrap Lites and Iridesscent by Body Wrap.  Body Wrap has been featured in many magazines including People, US Weekly, InStyle, Brides, Oprah, Elle, Shape, Fitness, Best Health, Woman's World and many more.

Body Wrap is a division of Christina America, Inc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trimera Group Inc. Christina America Inc. was founded in 1952 as designer and manufacturer of women’s swimwear and continues today to provide women of all shapes and sizes with swimwear and shapewear'

Now I tried 3 styles from their standard fitting range based on my measurements. I turned out to be an XL and I looked for garments that fitted my needs right now. 

All 3 styles are in my opinion great for every day wear and fit into what I consider the medium control level. They smooth your shape out but not flatten 100% and don't make you feel like your stuffed into anything or like a sausage. 


The Pin Thin - $38.00

A seemless high waist thong that I ordered specifically for high wasited skirt and skin tight high waist pants such as my disco pants. The thong design is perfect for those skirts or pant what show the VPL. With this Pin Thing worrying about your panty line showing is a thing of the past. 

They sit mid rib and the fabric is super stretchy and soft. I did not feel lots of slimming in this garment but it did create a nice and non visible base for my AA Disco Pants. 

The creation I've been looking for in all forms and brands of shapewear is a bust less bodysuit that is both comfortable and visually appealing. This seamless suit is perfectly designed and works under dresses, skirts and pants. The thick straps are very comfortable, adjustable and never dig in to your skin. I found this suit came up to my bra ling perfectly when adjusted and was a pleasure to wear all day. 

As I mentioned earlier this is only a light form of shaping so there was no huge reduction just a slight flattening. The gusset was set rather far back though which made taking this off in a rush interesting but the gusset has 3 sections of clips depending on how much allowance you need.

As it's still cold down here I found this item perfect to wear over my stockings and tights as it added extra slimming and kept everything secure. 

And finally a full bodysuit with an underwire bra built into the garment. I personally found my chest too large for this underwire (I'm a G cup) but the suit itself is brilliant. The same fit and shape of the previously show garment but if you have the right size chest this would be a perfect fit.

Made from breathable, smooth and stretchy fabric (all are 75% Polyamide and 25% Elastane) without any seems so they won't pop through and show their nasty lines. They lift, shape and support your where it counts. I find with my back issues that shapewear actually keeps me sitting up straight and helps me with my posture.

So these are just a small selection of what Body Wrap has to offer. You can find more styles and information via their website, facebook, twitter and they even have their own blog!

They are really great every day shapwear options that won't make you uncomfortable which I think every woman needs.

Have you tried this brand yet? If so I'd love to hear your opinions as well! Maybe you've tried some different items other than these listed, if so just leave be a comment bellow.


  1. I just bought the pinup with the underwire and I plan to try it out as soon as it arrives.
    Do you have any suggestions on firmer more flattening shapewear?

  2. Where can I buy the pinup without underwire online? Is my favorite, also the boys host reg and high waist.

    1. Hi There,

      This post was back in 2012 so I can't help you sorry.

  3. I am trying to buy this brand. Have they closed down or stopped production??

    1. Sorry this was back in 2012 they might not exisit anymore.