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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Studded Soul

If I was asked to choose one brand of accessory to wear for the rest of my life the choice would be easy - GMK

It's no secret that I'm completely in love with their brilliant leather, stud and jeweled creations and I recently did a small shoot to show off my new favorite items.

GMK Custom Choker 
GMK Studded Cuff  -  Contact for price 

How amazing are these? The cuff is made of beautiful soft leather with a mix of spikes and round studs featured on all over. I've been wearing this constantly either as a solo accessory or with one of my other GMK cuffs on the other wrist. 

The first word that came to mind when I saw this Choker was - EPIC. This is by far the coolest item I have in my collection to date! It's so strong, bold and even more amazing when viewed in person. This is a real statement piece and  draws lots of attention so pair it with a little black dress for maximum effect. 

I like wearing this paired with all black and leather jackets just to amplify its brilliance.

These two items are a match made in heaven!

All items are designed them GMK's founder and Designer Joanne Argiriadis. Each item is unique and the only one of its kind so when you purchase a hand made items from GMK you are getting something no one else will ever have.

To custom order your own unique pieces you can email or contact GMK here.

You can also find  GMK on Facebook.

Again I'd like to thank the fantastic Steve Pinirou who shot these images! I hope to shoot with him again before the month is through.

Also if you are interested to know the small tattoo on my wrist says 'Don't Panic' just one of my little Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy inspired tattoos.


  1. stunning! love the first one especially, just a hint of cleavage =)

  2. Oh love those accessories! The cuff has to be my favourite though :) You're rocking them both, they work well together :)

  3. These images are amazing, the shots on the blog just seem to be getting better and better, which is hard to believe, as they've always been amazing.
    That necklace = AMAZING!

  4. Looks really cool! I'm loving the studded bracelet