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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Stocking Spotlight

Week two of my Stocking Spotlight featuring some of the amazing leg wear on offer from Voodoo Hosiery.


Voodoo Tribecca Tight- $15.60
 Luichiny Eye Doll Platforms in Red - $89.95US

These stockings are like a quirky take on  a fishnet/crochet pattern.  Creating an almost polka dot pattern  They really pop on my fair skin and look adorable.


I'm wearing the Extra Tall size and they fit perfectly but I have to warn you they are limited in the stretch department. They seem to have less stretch than most of the other styles I usually wear and this makes them a little stiff when you first wiggle into them. They give a little though as most styles do.

I usually wear my stockings rather high, almost at under-bust height but these finish just at my waist. To combat this I wear my shapewear over the top which ensures they will stay up all day/night.

I'm sure you've also noticed my amazing Luichiny Eye Doll Platforms in red! If I could have ever colour in the world in this one shoe I'd die a happy girl. They are an amazing height yet comfortable and make your legs look amazing. I'll be showing some more high res professional shots of these shoes shortly.

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  1. Love your idea of wearing the shape wear over the stockings... I can't believe I never thought of that. :-)

    1. There is nothing worse when its either too short or too big and you have it moving about. So shapwear keeps them in place and hey gives us a little bit of extra support!

  2. I looooove these tights and those shoes are really cute but I'd probably fall over dead after one step in them haha.