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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New stock at Pinup Boutique

New stock has arrived this week at Pinup Boutique here is a sneak peak of what has just hit the store :


Deadly Dolly Top in White (Deadly Dames from PUG) - $65.00
Hot for Houndstooth High Waist Skirt - $70.00


I'll take one of each please! Plus all the items listed are stocked up to a size 2x!!

You can find even more new items including its from the Deadly Dames range, cute sweaters, more dresses, aprons and more in the New Arrivals section via the website. 

 What do you have your eye on?


  1. I loved the black dress =D.
    Hi Teer, I'm sorry if I got lost. I'm not in my city and I've forgotten to check blogs but here I am. Thanks for your answer about your hair. I wanted my hair Purple with Schwarzkopf, but I hadn't gotten the desire colour. I need to go to the salon because I think my hair is very hard to handle. I have a loooot!! and it is long, so I better save some money for that xD.

    Regards!!! I hope you have a great Weekend.