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Friday, March 16, 2012

Bella Bodies - Online Store!!!

My favorite shapewear brand now have their own online store! So swing by and check out their amazing products.

Bella Bodies Webstore

I'm far too addicted to their Body Definer I wear them every day! I really need to get a few more colours though maybe a Red, Pink and the always trusty Black!

This website has made my day!!


  1. Hey Teer! You've got me super curious about that body definer, do you mind if I ask if you usually need to wear a bra with one? I'm about your size, and I currently wear an underbust body shaper, and I find that having two straps over my shoulders can be painful and aggravating. But I'd love to try out this one if it's really as comfortable as it looks.

    1. Hi Kate!

      You can read my full review here :

      I always wear a bra with mine as this does not have a built in cup but you can go without and they will stay up. I also wear mine high in the back and pull the bust below my own busy so I can wear lower cut tops.

      The straps are needed as it would not stay up.

      I hope that review helps you hun.

      I wear a V and it's a perfect fit!