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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New from Bella Bodies

I'm sure by now you have realized I have an addiction to the amazing items created by Bella Bodies. I can't get enough of the amazing shapewear on offer and wear most of the garments every second day!

Now with winter in full effect Bella Bodies have released a new selection of Lovely Leg Opaque Tights with an innovative designed to help slim your tummy, thighs and legs! Much like the Sheerly There Boxer these will flatten your tummy, hold everything in and lift and firm your behind! Available in Black, Mocha or Grey through sizes S-XV and priced at $49.95. You can find these at or through the TV Shopping Network here ITVSN.

These are exactly what I have been searching for but have never had luck finding over the colder months. I'm currently testing out both a black and steal grey pair and they are brilliant! I wear a size V in most of the products and these really do make my tummy disappear and best of all they stay up on my waist all day! They are soft and silky yet strong and even with my long nails I've not snagged them once!

If you are looking for even more shaping I recommend you wear the New Body Definer $52.40 over the top of your tights. I swear by the Body Definer and together its a great surface to layer all your winter outfits on. I wear the definer in a V also.

For more stockists, information and to view the whole collection please go to the Bella Bodies website.

For my other post and an image of me in my favorite Bella Body suits please view the first entry I wrote about these amazing pieces - A Bella Body


  1. Hi Teer, What size do you take in the New Body Definer? I'm a size 14 and not sure which size to order.

    thanks in advance :)

  2. Hi Hun, I wear a V in the definer. For any more information on their products use the search bar at the top on my page (under the banner) and all my Bella posts shall come up! Here is a more detailed post

  3. Hi Teer, I have been looking for 'interesting' colours in plus sizes e.g. stripes, bright colours, different designs. It's not fair that the little girls get all the cool colours and designs! Do you know of anybody that sells them?

  4. sells the brightest and most loud styles out there. I have not tried them as I don't like really bright styles but everyone raves about them.