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Friday, June 24, 2011

Little Creatures

A small update while I shoot new items and get lots of reviews ready for you guys.

Right now I seem to be addicted to purchasing rings. I have more rings than fingers yet I still keep picking up a few piece ever week.

My darling friend Danimezza tweeted a shot of these in gold not long ago so I've been hunting ever since.

This set of 3 rings all worn on the one finger are from Lovisa - $16.95.

Featuring a separate animal on each silver band this is one of the cutest pieces of jewelery I've ever seen. The Deer being my first love but the wolf and squirrel are equally as cute.

Sadly Lovisa don't have an online shop but you can find a listing off all their retail stores via the website.

More outfit posts next week!


  1. Oh! I love them! I need to hunt down my local Lovisa store now I'm in Sydney, tehy only had one I knew about in Adelaide!

  2. I love the ring! I really wish I could find something like that in Winnipeg! I feel a search coming on!

  3. oh! sooo cute! indeed the cutest ring I have ever seen!

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