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Monday, June 13, 2011

Black, White and Red

Daring to wear white for the first time in years!

I'm a cluts, I spill things, bump into everything and fall over my feet all the time. So when it comes to white I've always avoided purchasing garments in this colour as I was always scared I'd ruin them.

Then I saw this adorable Tripp NYC Jacket on Torrid and new I had to give white another chance.

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Trip NYC White Moto Crop Jacket -$64.00US

The sun and a white jacket did not want to be friends this day so for full detailed image of the jacket and a video please click the link above.

I'm wearing this jacket in a size 0 and its a perfect snug fit! Its made of 97% cotton, 3% spandex so there is a little give and being a crop it really shapes around the bust and under bust nicely.

The arms are roomy and you could wear another layer under this with ease. I'm wearing a basic little black lace dress I picked up in Kmart with this just to show off how well easy this jacket is to style. I love that this is a moto jacket but its form fitting, most seem to be a very square shape but being a crop style it rally hugs me in all the right places.

Now with Torrid's sizing i'm a 0 or a 12, some styles can be a perfect fit others I may need to get tailored. Never worry about an items being a little too big though a great tailor can be your best friend. My tailor and my waist belt collection are my saviors!

I'd love this style to come in black, red, purple or green I'd buy them all!

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Though I love the crisp whiteness of this jacket I feel as though I have to make it more me. So I've put in an order for a whole heap of studs and I will be going crazy with some spikey metal elements on the solders and and collar.

So once I've finished I will post some shots of what I've done to customize it.

Where is the red mentioned in the title? Well that would be on my head!

Thank you to Katherine Davis for her amazing work behind camera! I hope I can work with her many more times in the future!


  1. you look stunning in the jacket! I love it. love the black and white combo on your red hair. Just gorgeous! :)


  2. Stunning!!
    Can't wait to see the customized version of this jacket...

  3. I'm a new reader and I already love your blog. You are STUNNING and do awesome outfits. So glad I found you ;)

    I love this simple look, black dress, white jacket (that will look fierce with studs!). And I love your hair!!!

    - Rikke

  4. Thank you girls!! I can't wait to go wild on this jacket with studs.

    Welcome Rikke!! So glad you like the blog!


  5. You and the outfit are simply gorgeous!!!

  6. Love the jacket. Glad you where brave enough to go with it even though its white. I know how it is to freek over wearing white... Im the same way, I dont trust myself even eating while wearing a white top... My friends tease me that I try to feed my boobs cause I drop so much food down their on a regular basis *rolls eyes*

  7. Tigeress that is the best thing I've ever heard - you have some brilliant friends :P

  8. Looooove the jacket, it fits perfectly. Your hair is beautiful.