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Thursday, May 5, 2011


GMK is a brand new accessories company that has recently launched in Australia.

What do they make? Handmade leather fashion accessories to die for! They are unique, strong and edgy pieces with a real hard rock feel.

If you are a lover of leather, studs, skulls and lots of metal I think you fall in love as I have with LinkGMK. When you purchase any item from their range you will have the reassurance that your item is unique and the only one of its kind. At GMK the do not mass produce any of their products all items are hand made. From cuffs, to belts, belt buckles, keyrings and chain gloves they have a brilliant selection!

With prices ranging from $30 to $560 + you can purchase completely unique items that only you will own!

These cuffs make me wish I had 5 more pairs of wrists. I love the variety, colours and mix of materials from the strong black leather with silver detailing to the earth pony skin with gold studs.

The images speak for themselves, the website is also jam packed full of useful information so check it out right now.

You can shop online right now at GMK's Online Store


  1. Ohh! So pretty! I love studs! They have some really nice & unique designs!

  2. oh, I love it! you made want all of these things :(

    Inside and Outside Blog

  3. Very adorable! I want it all :)

    Anita Riot

  4. LOVE the gun and bullet belt.

  5. dear lord, I am in love. Will be spending so much money tomorrow!