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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hair Raising

Have you ever looked at some of the more wacky creative hair styles and wanted to try them but either don't have the right style hair or styling ability.

Not to worry! I have found a brilliant store on ETSY that will help you with all of your hair raising endeavors.

Puppcatmeow not only has great extensions and pieces but unique and creative hats and accessories. Plus great colour chart of hair that I even found an exact match for my own colour on!

Here is a sneak peak into what you can create via her shop.

Wedding updo wig filler hair extention - $35.00 US

Braided Faux Hawk - $45.00 US
This is my my absolute favorite! I want it but my bangs would not allow it.

Valentines Velvet and Sequin Fascinator - $75.00 US

Star Wars Inspired Padme Amidala Geonosis Battle style costume wig extension hair piece - $150.00 US

With a varied colour chart shown above I'm sure you will have luck finding a perfect match.

So check Puppcatmeow out and tell me what you would wear and how you would wear it.

I also have a very special Valentines Day post coming up next week so keep your eyes peeled!


  1. I've oogled her store often & have a few favourited. The faux hawk is my favourite!

  2. Its hot! I'd so get it if it was not for this damn fringe!

  3. very creative with the hair i love it, the hawk would be good on you, darn that pesky fringe lol

  4. Awesome link, Teer! The wedding updo... It's calling to me!