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Monday, October 25, 2010

Frock till you drop!

As the weekends get warmer in Melbourne I find myself hunting for more frocks to wear over our sure to be blistering summer.

The more I shop though the harder it is to find a summer dress that is a good length. Its like all standard shops have decided this summer everyone's bum should be on public display. No matter how much I'm fond of my toosh I do think that a cute summer dress should at least hit just above my knees and not let the whole of the world see my draws.

These are what I currently have my eye on online. They can also work for my readers across the globe just team them up with boots and tights for a colder climate.

Anastasia Interchangeable Wrap dress - $99.00AU

Top Shop

Tall eden print maxi dress - £40.00 (up to size 16)

Maxi dress with beautiful cape detail - £70.00

My recommendation for each of these dresses - wear a thick waist belt that suits each of these fabrics/styles and some killer pumps with shorter dresses, flats with the maxi's.