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Monday, September 6, 2010

Great Shape

Now it might just be my opinion but if your are game enough to wear skin tight clothing the best thing to do is invest in some fantastic shape wear to go under it.

I have a fit if i can see muffin top over my jeans, if a roll is visible and my outfit is not smooth and well fitted.

Your undergarments the the ability to ruin your outfit or make it perfect. They can make the perfect base for a dress, pants or skirt to slide onto or the wrong undergarments can make your faults ever more apparent.

Recently when i uploaded one of my shots onto facebook people started asking me what corset I wear under my dresses. I don't its just a good pair of shapewear knickers and the ability to pose correctly that gives that impression.

So here are some good options for all your shape wear needs both in Australia, the UK and the US. Each tittle link goes to the shapewear location of their website so be sure to click it if you want to see more.

Bras'n'Things - Australia

Ultimate Body - Slim High Waist Control Brief - $39.99 AUS
My stand out favorite which I own and love!

Hips & Curves

The Captivating Corset Slip - $49.95USD

Heavenly Curves

Bella Bodies New Body Definer - $65.50


Purple Lace Waist Cincher - £22.00

I also have a great pair of high waist briefs that I got at Target. They are the best fit and only cost around $19.99.

If you want more of a reduction or shape then invest in a steal boned corset. I love the shape they give you but I don't like to wear them under clothing as I dislike the visible lines they can show.


  1. Hi Teer - Great post at giving us all some tips on getting a great sillhoutte. Am curious , do you use shapewear that is longer down your thighs, like the Spanx Higher Power Panties/ Footless shapewear? Or do you find the brief style enough to get a good waist shape?? Thanks, Nadine!

  2. Hi Nadine,

    I've got one pair of the long shorts but they annoy me so yes I mainly wear the brief/waisted versions.

    I find that the longer ones show in skirt splits etc so that's also another reason I don't wear them.

    I love me legs so I have no need to hide them in long line spanx. These give me a nice flat and shapely waist so they do the job!

  3. Hello Ms Wayde,

    Would you have any recommendations for something to smooth jeans-caused muffin top? I love the new coloured skinny jeans this year - but even when they are perfect or even a bit loose on legs and butt, they always give me muffin top. I am a size 14 (Aussie) with a mummy tummy.

    <3 your work.

    1. Hi Susan!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to message me. I love my skinny jeans but I understand the issue with muffin top. Sometimes it's the actual cut of the jean or the height of the waist.

      Mid to high rise jeans fix this issue. But I also wear bodysuits(of the shape wear variety) and it gives a smooth base to anything I wear over the top. They also help avid any bra rolls or anything like that.