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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A little horror never hurt anyone ;)

If some of you know me well enough outside this blog you will know that I'm a B Grade Horror movie junkie. I spend most of my free time watching good, bad, trashy, ridiculous horror movies and I'm proud of it!

There are a few designers about who mix in my favorite theme with clothing and jewellery so here is my Horrortastic Want List!

Drop Dead Couture :

Fanny Barlow from Queensland is a brilliant and super talented woman. She makes everything thing you could imagine and then some. From sugary sweet accessories you'll find it hard not to eat then to gore filled fingers turned into sweater clips. My favorite has to be this crystal encrusted spider.

Then this very adorable black headband with a pink rose cameo and sparkles!

Then there is Torture Couture I'v always love her work and have had the pleasure of modeling various items in the past.

Because I have a thing for Mr Frankenstein

Buy here - Torture Couture

And the perfect Cameo Skull

Buy Here - Torture Couture

Lastly my top favorites that i will order this weekend from Pinup Girl Clothing


  1. I want that spider!

  2. India Rose is so wonderful, I love the head band!