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Thursday, May 27, 2010

A little Corporate

Looking through my old outtakes from photo shoots I remembered just how much I loved this outfit. This was shot back in 2009 by Scott James Prebble and I never used them for my folio.

I just wanted to share the outfit, I love the sleeves of this shirt and the pussy bow (shirt and vest from Target) Skirt - Made by Mum =D

Please excuse the odd expression don't remember what I was looking at :P

Yes if requested i read the paper in the middle of a footpath on the streets of Melbourne.

I really do miss my black hair these days.


  1. Oh honey these are FABULOUS! Love the 'Priceline' shot. You are simply And your blog is impressive - I need lessons ;) x

  2. I should pimp out priceline :P the other image was a mistake really (expression wise)

    You just need the ability to rant my dear!


  3. oohhhhh i love your blog!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know you had one!!!

    as always - i love you.

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