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Sunday, May 23, 2010

50% off at City Chic

OMG now is the time to buy whatever you have had your eye on at City Chic

50% off all items Online till midnight May 30th and oh my there are so many things I'm loving!!!

I'm sitting here very grumpy as pay day is a few days off so fingers crossed I can get the jeans I've been wanting or maybe 2 pairs!

So go forth and spend up big girls! I'll sit here and be very jealous or maybe I'll start selling my unworn frocks to support this sale.


  1. this classifies as an emergency, right? coz that's what my credit card is supposed to be used for ..

  2. Why yes it does! I'm cursing my lack of credit card right now! I want two pairs of skinny jeans!!!!!

    *looks at wardrobe thinking of what to sell to fund new jeans*

  3. haha! just had to make a bigg payment on mine as it was maxed out. clever claire, real clever.