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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Perfect Black Dress - For Curves

I've just stumbled across Monif C. and I'm drooling while I type!

So I thought I'd share my pick at maybe the most perfect Little Black Dress I've ever seen.

The Nelli Ruched Dress

Price $196.00 US

With a stunning shape, amazing fabric that will just mold to your curves and perfect sleeves it is PERFECT! I always look for a sleeve that will make me feel comfortable and not want to hide my upper arms. This is one I will be saving up for and wear all spring and summer!


  1. the website is really cool - but it is still soo annoying that curvy clothes always cost a bomb! But I am totally going to start saving, Monif C has some awesome clothes!

  2. Not always darling but some are worth the price in my mind.