Monday, August 3, 2020

Woodland Wonders

I'm forever in love with forest or woodland based creatures and when Erstwilder releases new ranges based around these concepts you'll instantly see me right here making grabby hands over every adorable piece.

For this shoot I wanted to feature one of each kind of piece on offer paired with one of the new release hair scarves. Inspired by my each piece and my own wardrobe we created a little bit of magic in our own backyard and I'm loving the results.

When I first saw the whole collection I feel in love with many pieces but the Mallards stood out to me. It's something that I've never had in my collection and I was a little inspired by The Office so opted for the necklace and earrings to wear as a combo.

The simplicity and cuteness of this necklace has me swooning. The mother mallard with her two little ones following close behind is the sweetest piece I've ever owned and a great statement necklace.

This set perfectly pairs with my very on theme woodland printed dress from Colletif and the amazing hair scarf mushroom print in ruby red. The soft, silky and absolutely divine feel of these scarves makes them a dream to wear. I tend to use mine in 3 ways - a full cover up as show, a headband and necktie. This stunning dark ruby red pairs perfectly with my Catch A Thief Foodle. 

A close up of the little mallard earrings! So cute right?

It's clear that every time Erswilder release a fox of some sort I instantly swoop in and snap it up. I can't help myself with these adorable little critters they just make me smile. 


This perfectly well behaved little fella sits all prim and proper on my dark green coat and really stands out. The mixed natural shades or brown, white and orange make this the sweetest little fox piece.

The Blue Jay Large Neck Scarf - $29.95

Just look at that little face and tail - what's not to love. I've also added my other  .. scarf in a soft and creamy yellow to show you don't always have to wear these as a hair accessory. I love pairing a bright printed scarf with a high neck top of dress to make a statement. 

I can't get enough of this little fella and expect him to sell our super fast today! I also can't get enough of how stunning the mushroom print is and how well it pairs with my foodle. Did you get the link in the name? Fox Mulder? Eeeehehehe I love it! 

Have you seen the full range yet? What' did you snap up?

If you buy 3 or more pieces from this collection you'll have an automatic special gift added to your cart. The amazing Campfire Comfort brooch is a special bonus treat for you! (until stock sells out)

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Witchcraft Skincare

Recently I had the chance to try two items I've honestly been keen to use for a while. I'd seen so many reviews, lots of posts on Instagram and wondered is Witchcraft Skincare as good as it seems? 

Let me just say rather loudly - HELL YES IT IS!

Magic for your skin.

Developed in Brisbane, Australia, Witchcraft Skincare is the world's first alternative branded skincare line.

Our products not only leave your skin feeling instantly fresh and smooth from formulation that uses only natural, vegan ingredients, but every aspect from ingredient sourcing, formulation, packaging, label design and printing has been sourced locally, ethically, and from independently-owned businesses.  

I'm always open to new products and even more so when it's locally made, vegan and 100% ethically made. But because I want to tell you the truth I've actually been using this for a while now as I wanted to see if the first week was a fluke or if the products are making my skin shine? 

While I love to try lots of different pieces my day in day out beauty routine is rather simple. I cleanse, tone and moisturize morning and night. So the Luminous Gel Cleanser was no.1 on my list to try. This cleaners lathers up perfectly and clears my skin of makeup, oils and build up. 

The scent is stunning with orange, burgomaster and lime so it's a joy to use and once you rinse you're skin feels so squeaky clean. There are no nasty chemicals or evil ingredients so even if you have sensitive skin this cleanser will rock for you. 

Now if you love the scent of the cleanser the moisturizer is going to blow your mind. Featuring Desert lime extract and Hyaluronic Acid  lock in that moisture and aloe and rosehip to soothe, tone down redness etc. My skin is loving the lack of makeup during Covid lockdowns so anything I can use that makes it brighter, better and clearer is amazing. 

The scent of this moisturizer is so deelish! Rose, Blood orange and Ylang Ylang fill the air when you apply this to your face and neck and the next morning I still feel soft and supple. 

I'm really blown away by both products and will be ordering more pieces down the track. I'm always on the hunt for more face masks, toners etc and now I know and trust Witchcraft Skincare so I can jump in and order everything. The price point is spot on as well as the product really does last! 

Be kind to your skin and spoil yourself with any of their amazing range. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Wax Poetic Clothing have done it again! Well lets be honest with each and every release they knock my socks off so was it really a surprise that I'd fall hard for the Minnie Dress?

Adorable polka dots, delicate little black bow details a shirred bust and the perfect short sleeve make this piece that little retro dress you'll reach for all summer long. Made from a super soft brush knit that is absolutely divine to touch and wear this piece is light, soft and dreamy. 

I'm wearing the Minnie in my usual size of a 2XL and even though the fabric is stretchy I highly suggest sticking to your usual Wax Poetic Clothing size as you don't want any print morphing. The 2XL fits me perfectly and the shirred really accentuates my ample bust.   

While this is a perfect summer piece I'm super excited to style this with thick black tights, cardigans and berets - think Minnie goes to the snow! The stunning print lends itself to all seasons but be sure to spray this the inside of the dress and your tights if you plan to later it during winter. The brush knit can stick to stockings and I tend to have this issue a lot during the cooler months. Hairspray also works a treat.

I'm so blown away with the flatting fit and adorableness of this piece and can't wait to get my hands on the new Halloween styles and more.

How stunning are these sneaky preview pieces? It's impossible to just choose one for your Halloween lust list bit after falling in love with the Minnie Dress the middle orange and black stripe will be no.1 on my list closely followed by the far right ruffled number!

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Blackmilk Essentials and a little SOMO

I'm forever shooting new release's pieces but without fail these hot pieces sell out instantly. So for this post I wanted to show off some core items that are always restocked at Blackmilk. Essential pieces that you need in your weekly wardrobe and a sneaky new SOMO piece.

I've actually been in lust with this dark gothic floral print for a while now and had the Rio Midi dress on my lust list but I seem to always to miss out on the dress before it sells out. So to cover myself till summer, I've snapped up the midi skirt version as its perfection for layering over the cooler months.

This super stretchy piece is my second midi skirt from Blackmilk and they are so stretchy, comfortable and twirl worthy. Complete with a stretchy waist band and superdeep pockets this is the perfect every day wear piece. 

I'm wearing everything in this post in my standard XL size and this skirt is super stretchy at the waistband. Paired with the absolutely amazing A-Sassy-Nation bodysuit. This piece is magical. When it arrives in the one size fits all package I'd admit I was puzzled but it actually fits and feels freaking amazing! Much like the OSFA stockings the stretch is phenomenal. I'm blown away by this bodysuit actually fitting me perfectly and I can't wait to style it with lots of goodies when the weather warms up.  

When I shot/wore the berry version of the heart longline dress I instantly feel in love with the firm fit, flattering shape and that amazing heart neckline. So obviously I needed more right? The black version is an absolute MUST HAVE for everyone of any shape and size. It's flattering on any figure and perfect for work or play.

Super easy to style all year round and thick enough in winter to pair with tights and lots of warm layers or coats. 

I've styled this this piece with a leather corset belt, gloves and a beret. This is one of my go to looks this winter with the extra addition of my go to leather jacket.

My love for Blackmilk Clothing has continued to inspire me to try more and more styles and get out of my current comfort zone. So I bit the bullet and finally ordered a pair of shorts!!! I love the Push It pants, so I knew the fit of the shorts would be just as deelish. 

They are high waisted, stretchy and so comfy! The perfect length and really hug your curves. I've paired these with some older Blackmilk stockings and I love how the fishnet works with the cuffed short.

Extra styling for this was pretty much my go to casual look - Me First and the Gimme Gimmes and a biker jacket. 

As it's freaking cold down here I've been wearing more leggings as stockings and I was on the look out for some essentials to add to my dress/boots combos daily.

For my next choice I wanted to try the burned velvet leggings as I've loved every dress created in this fabric. The results? I'm smitten! So comfy and warm, perfectly paired with everything in my wardrobe while really adding an awesome textural element. This fabric pairs perfectly with my Demonia chunky boots and I'm loving the mix of textures.

I'm wearing these in an XL and they are a little too loose at the waist. The fabric is really forgiving so be sure to size down! 

Lastly my first piece from the latest SOMO release! After the absolute success of both two tiered piece I had to snap up this vintage flower printed long sleeve beauty. This dress blew my mind from the moment I tried it on.

The tiered long length, layered over a underdress so no one see's your toosh flow so delicately and flatter my hips. I'm usually a little worried about maxis as they can add bulk to my frame but this was made for my curves.

The sheer long sleeves billow and flow in such a stunning wait and the cuff is stretchy and comfortable. 

I'm wearing the XL and it's perfection! Great on the waist, bust and arms as they are super roomy.

I'm absolutely in love with this piece and can't wait until my SOMO order pieces arrive next month! 

Wednesday, July 15, 2020


If there has been one dress that I've had to have more than the air I breathe this year it has to be the Lydia dress from Wax Poetic Clothing.


The most divine wrap style maxi dress covered in flocked black roses upon a sheer black base. The detailing in this fabric and attention to detail make this piece perfection in dress form. 


Lydia Dress in flocked rose mesh

As you can see this stunning gown is retro Gothic dream with flowing sleeves, floor length flowing fabric (you must spin in this!) and complete sheerness. 

I own other wrap style maxi's and even a Wax Poetic wrap dress but nothing compares to the fit of this piece and design. It's the flowing skirt that really creates an amazing shape as the wrap defines your waist and accommodates large busts. 


I'm wearing the Lydia in a 2XL and due to the lack of stretch in the fabric this is perfect for me. If my weight fluctuates then I can easily loosen or tighten the wrap. 

Now I've wanted a sheer black maxi for years and I've never found the right price point or truly flattering style until now but Johanna at Wax Poetic has created a piece that is just pure bliss to wear and a piece of art. 

I chose to style this with a bodysuit and bra beneath so you can still see skin on both my shoulders and on my legs. But the styling options are limitless. You can wear all nude pieces beneath and make the roses really shine.

Pair it with a black slip dress or even a bright pop of colour with a red, emerald or purple slip. The bright colours could also look amazing with lingerie, basques, corsets etc.

This piece also look amazing when paired with thigh or knee high black boots as it shoes just that hint of thigh.

You don't have to limit yourself to wearing this as a maxi or evening dress either as it pairs perfectly with lingerie and works beautifully as a robe.

I can't wait to find amazing extra items to wear with this over the summer!!My bra is Ewa Michalak which is my go to brand for both style and perfect fit. While I could go a deep plunge style with this dress I chose the Ewa Michalak Szykus Padded Balconette style as I love how the extra coverage and rounded shape works with this dress.

Accessories wise I was inspired to create a regal look so I'm wearing my favourite faux leather gloves and my Miss Smitten Kitten custom made halo and rose crown which I hand painted black.